Me! Bath’s tri-functional exfoliating sugar scrub is a three-in-one formula that exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. Gentle enough for daily use, this sugar-based scrub is infused with organic jojoba oil, known for its ability to stimulate the production of a body’s own natural emollients. This treatment can be offered as part of your manicure service — but it’s also simple enough for at-home use, making it great for salon retail as well. Me! Bath was founded by husband-and-wife team Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff in 2002 and was first available at the San Francisco Bay area Farmer’s Market. Now the products are sold and used in spas across the country. According to the duo, the company originated from the basic principle to “do simple things exceedingly well.”

1. Fill the manicure bowl with warm water. Place the Effervescent Bath Soak into the water. Have the client place her hands in the bowl to soak for a suggested time of five minutes.

2. Apply the Tri-Functional Sugar Scrub onto dry hands and gently massage the client — start with the back of the hand and massage into the hand and up the arms. Add a little water to the scrub if needed. Remove with a warm damp towel.

3. Apply a complementary Rejuvenating Body Lotion and massage onto the skin.

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