Redbook's May issue gives suggestions about gorgeous and simple nail art manis. Try any of these tutorials for a subtle, yet adorable look that works for the office or for a late night out.

From left to right:

Matte + Shiny: Apply taupe polish, followed by a matte topcoat. Then skin the tips and paint the moon with a clear, shiny topcoat. 

Golden half-moon: Paint your nail gold. When it's dry, put a small round sticker at your nail's base to act as a sencil; apply a matte beige. 

Colorblocked: Paint your nail deep gray. Once it's dry, make a horizontal stripe over the tip wit ha paler shade of gray. 

Crisscrossed: Apply nude polish. Once dry, use a white nail striper (polish with a super-skinny brush) to do an off-center vertical line. Let it dry, then draw one across.

Horizontal sparkle: Cover your nail with a glittery plum color. Let it dry, then use a matte purple shade on the top half, brushing it on sideways across the nail. 

Twinkly pink: Put on pink polish. Once it's dry, apply a thin layer or a sparkly gold topcoat; wait five minutes and add another coat of sparkle just to the tips. 

Half metallic: Brush an inky dark shade all over your nail. Let it dry, then run a metallic gold color over one half of the nail. 

Glittering coral: Simply layer a topcoat with chinky gold flecks over two coats of coral polish. Ridiculously appealing, crazy easy.

Leopard print: Begin with an orange-red base. Once it's dry, use a bobby pin head to paint on a few dots of nude polish. When they're dry, scatter around black splotches. 

Punk-ish plaid: Paint nails a rich green Using nail-art pens or stripers, create the lins one at a time, allowing a few minutes for each line to dry before doing the next one. 

Layered hearts: Polish the entire nail with a light color, then use a medium shade to create two half circles in the middle of the nail. Repeat wit ha darker hue at the tip.

Sweet twist: Apply a matte taupe all over the nail. When it's dry, use a white striper polish to create a little loop. 

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