Allison Moore

Allison Moore

“I have always been fascinated with the brain, the thought process, cognitive skills, and the process of change,” says Allison Moore, owner of Wilmington, Del.-based Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa and an author, speaker, and life coach. “I have overcome many challenges in my own life and people have always sought advice from me. I decided to turn it into a business.”

Moore is the author of three books: I Was I Am: How to Move Beyond Your Past to Create an Extraordinary Life; I Do He Doesn’t: Divorce Your Emotions and Take Back Your Life; and Nailing Down Success: From Drowning in my Manicure Bowl to Love, Courage and the Enduring Spirit.

“My books are about how to move beyond life’s challenges and live the life you desire,” says Moore. “I teach others how to turn any obstacle into an opportunity and no longer be stuck. Women especially end up sacrificing the life they want because of things that have happened and not being able to move past them. I teach how to remove the mental limitations — escape the self-imposed prison.”

Moore knows something about limitations. “I was sentenced to prison at one time and while incarcerated I wrote my life story. I liked to call it ‘memoir therapy,’” she says. “What was intended to be writing for my own healing and process of change turned into my first book.”

In addition to writing, Moore offers life assessments, coaching, group coaching and speaking workshops, and keynotes.

For more information on her coaching services, go to Her books can be purchased on or e-mail for a signed copy.


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