Great menus, whether in a five-star restaurant or in a nail salon, have something in common: variety. Just as diners love to choose between crème brûlée or tiramisu, your clients will love to choose among four ultimate pedicures for relaxation, rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and fun. Every great pedicure starts with the basics: shaping the nails, soaking the feet, cuticle care, exfoliation, hydrating massage, and polish. Custom pedicures include this, of course, but with a little more attention to detail.

The Ultimate RELAXING Pedicure: Ideal for clients who are stressed, overworked, or anxious.

During a relaxing pedicure, soak your client’s feet in water that is as warm as possible and comfortable. Use products with soothing aromas such as lavender, rose, sweet orange, and jasmine, and be sure your massage technique is slow and gentle. Let your client set the tone in terms of conversation. If she’s stressed or tired, she may not be in the mood to chat. “I encourage my clients to simply enjoy a peaceful pedicure,” says Tami Guerrero of Coastal Pedicure in Ventura, Calif. “I think it’s important during relaxing treatments that nail technicians don’t talk their guest’s ear off.”

The Nail Lounge in Costa Mesa, Calif. offers a relaxing rose-themed pedicure that includes Bella Luccè Madi Lular Petal Bath, The Nail Lounge brand products (made with rose essential oils): Relaxing Rose Foot Soak, Relaxing Rose Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Relaxing Rose and Peppermint Foot Mask, and Relaxing Rose Moisturizing Lotion.

SERVE: chamomile or mint hot or iced tea, wine
OFFER: an herbal eye pillow or mask
ADD-ONS: paraffin dip, hot stone massage
PLAYLIST: Musicovery’s “Calm” playlist. Includes music from Enya, Nina Simone, Tool, Nick Drake, and others.

The Ultimate INVIGORATING Pedicure: Ideal for clients who have been depressed or exhausted.

If your client is feeling a little ragged, an invigorating pedicure is in order. During warmer weather, your client may prefer cooler water for a rejuvenating foot soak. Essential oils such as peppermint, grapefruit, clary sage, and tea tree have an energizing effect. Be sure to include a gritty exfoliating salt scrub for the legs and bottoms of her feet and a fizzy foot soak such as Cuccio Milk & Honey Pedicure Fizz Foot & Bath Tablets. Follow with a firm, invigorating massage.

Medusa Salon in Springville, N.Y. offers an Invigorating Thermafuse Shampoo-dicure that includes ThermaFuse Asset Antiseptic Astringent, Thermadan Shampoo, Thermadan Condition, ColorCare Condition, Moisture Condition, and salt.

SERVE: hot or iced green tea, sparkling water with lemon
OFFER: an uplifting video or magazine
ADD-ONS: a rejuvenating foot mask or peel, Oxygen
PLAYLIST: Stereomood’s “Energetic “ playlist. Includes music from Kings of Leon, Joan Jett, Lúnatic, Imagine Dragons, and others.

The Ultimate REHABILITATING Pedicure: Ideal for clients with injuries, chronic illnesses, or disabilities.

Clients who are recovering from injuries and illnesses need a therapeutic approach, kindness, and reassurance. Assure them that all implements are sterilized and that the salon is sanitary. Make sure the lighting and sound level is comfortable for them, and be extra gentle when performing the pedicure. Use warm water for the foot soak and hot towels to wrap the feet. Products with scents such as ylang ylang, orange, and rosemary are both soothing and rejuvenating.

Present Nail Spa in Falls Church, Va., offers a luxurious Hydrating and Healing Spa Pedicure, which includes Cuccio Naturalé Papaya-Green Tea Fizz Tablets, Papaya & Guava Nectar Sea Salts, Papaya & Guava Butter Blend, and Lytes Ultra-Sheer Body Butter in Guava & Mangosteen; Cácee Spa Flower Refreshment (in Tangerine) and Aloe Vera Massage Oil.

SERVE: fresh juice, coconut water
OFFER: a pillow and/or hot neck wrap
ADD-ONS: acupressure massage, reflexology

PLAYLIST: Moodstream’s “Refresh” setting. Includes music from Winterpills, In the Nursery, Chris Pureka, Eric Westbury, and more.

The Ultimate FUN Pedicure: Ideal for clients having birthday parties, girls’ night out, bridal parties, etc.

For fun pedicures, keep the mood light and festive. The products you use can also help set a celebratory tone. Uplifting, delicious scents can evoke feelings of partying on a tropical island. Farmhouse Fresh makes creams, soaks, and scrubs that fit the bill. Their Gingerita Pedi includes a Citrus-Cilantro Soak, a Watermelon-Basil Vodkatini Scrub, and Ginger Sorbet Body Milk massage. Also, try using implements and accessories — such as buffing blocks and disposable flip-flops — in bright fun colors.

Custom Nails by Temeka in Orange, Conn. Offers a fun Simply Sweet Ice Cream Manicure using Soul Purpose Orange Cream Mineral Soak; Avon Naturals Body Scrubs in Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla; Cuccio Vanilla Bean and Sugar Butter Blend.

SERVE: champagne, fruit juice spritzers, or soda
OFFER: mini cupcakes
ADD-ONS: colorful nail art and bling

PLAYLIST: Aupeo’s “Party Powerhits” playlist. Includes music from Kanye West, UB40, Erasure,Fatboy Slim, and more.


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