Hiroko Fujikawa of Mars the Salon in Los Angeles, shows how to get these on-trend mermaid talons just in time for summer.

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply gold glitter nail polish to the thumb and pinky fingers, light pink polish to the index finger, and light blue polish on the middle and ring fingers, creating half-moons.

3. Add darker blue polis on the tip of the light blue nail and create gradation.

4. Apply a darker blue polish on top of the gradation.

5. Draw a figure of a mermaid with a light beige nail polish on the middle finger.

6. Add hair with a yellow nail polish.

7. Draw the fin of the mermaid with a green nail polish on the middle and ring fingers.

8. Complete the fin with a light green nail polish.

9. Add pink shells to the mermaid.

10. Outline the mermaid.

11. Apply a gold glitter nail polish on the tip of the index finger, creating gradation.

12. Draw a shell with a light purple nail polish on the index finger.

13. Outline the shell with a dark purple polish.

14. Attach multi-colored sequins to the gold glitter area on both fingers.

15. Apply a top coat.

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