Nail Mentors was founded by four enterprising techs to bring affordable education to nail professionals across the nation. “We bring nail technicians who have a passion for nails together with others who want to learn more,” says Vicki Jensen, who founded Nail Mentors with Sara Khalaf, Anna Schmidt, and Shelly Pechota. “We decided to organize events featuring tech-to-tech education and networking in response to a need for affordable education. All of our events are taught by nail technicians who volunteer their time.”

Typical events have four to six classes that run 30 minutes each, then are followed up with a hands-on session so that everyone can use what they have learned and get more help from the Nail Mentors. “Each event will only cost about $20 per person depending on the area. We use all of the money from the attendees to purchase great door prizes and also snacks and beverages for the event,” says Jensen.

Nail Mentors is currently building a database of Nail Mentors and Hosts for each state. “Nail Mentors do not need to be an educator for a company already,” says Jensen. “Every nail technician has a skill she excels in. We are giving techs an opportunity to share their knowledge with others in their local area. Also, by becoming a Nail Mentor, techs will be building their resume to take their career to the next level.”

They are also looking for Hosts. “You do not need to be a Nail Mentor to be a Host. To keep costs low for each event, we are looking for people who can host the events in their salons, clubhouses, or anywhere you can find space to hold about 20-30 people,” she says.

For more information, go to Nail technicians who would like to become Nail Mentors can e-mail with a link to their work, name, city, state, phone number, and the specialty they would like to teach.

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