As seen on the nails of celebrities like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, Minx’s new metallic shades are garnering international attention. Tease Me Dual Color Metallics feature two harmonizing colors, such as silver and blue, green and red, and black and gold, on one nail. Minx also released new straight metallics including Fuchsia Chrome and Rose Gold.

“When you apply Minx to a smooth nail, it looks like the metal was just poured on,” says Janice Jordan, co-founder of Minx. “We tried to achieve the double wow factor of ‘wow that’s a beautiful color,’ and ‘wow it shines differently in the light.’ They reflect a prism of colors.”

With celebrity and editorial demand to create more and more extreme nail designs, Minx was first conceptualized as a way of reducing the time techs need to spend generating intricate looks. “We want to broaden the range of looks you can offer your clientele without it taking weeks or days.”

1. Shape your client’s nails, prep the nail surface, and then choose the Minx that best fits the client’s nail size. 

2. Place the Minx under heat. Dehydrate the nail plate with rubbing alcohol.

3. Remove the Minx from its sheet and place under heat until floppy. Apply Minx to the nail plate.

4. Warm up the Minx while it’s on the nail plate. Apply pressure to the Minx.

5. Let nails cool (for about 10 seconds) and remove excess Minx with the Minx file and then repeat step four on each of the nails.

6. Ask your client to check the Minx finish.

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