Pedix Feet is a new complete foot and leg care line by Alessandro. It features the MarinaVital complex, which contains spirulina algae nutrients (also known as the “green gold” of the sea) and is rich in a variety of proteins, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, sea salts, essential oils, and plant extracts. It aims to give the client longer-lasting moisture by regenerating dry, rough, and cracked areas. 

The core product is called One Minute Pedicure, an exfoliating scrub that relaxes overworked feet, removes calluses, and provides intense nourishment to the skin in one minute. It features aromatic scents, essential oils, and natural sea salt crystals. One Minute Pedicure should be applied to damp skin and gently massaged using circular motions. Rinse the product off with warm water.

Depending on your client’s skin type, a myriad of follow-up lotions and foot balms are available. Heel Rescue Balm is a callus treatment for chapped feet. Shea butter, allantoin, and tea tree oil protect soles against callus formation. Regular use of Heel Rescue is recommended, making it a great retail product as well.

Heel Smoothing Stick for maximum moisture is meant for targeted application on cracked and dry heels without rubbing. And Go Easy Foot Balm is a moisturizing agent for normal skin. Pedix Feet pedicures should finish with Silky Touch, a deodorizing foot powder that helps keep feet clean and fresh.

Other products within the line include Smooth Out, So Easy, Cooling Ice Spray, Self-Tanning Spray, and Thermasoft.

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