1. Properly prep the nail and wipe with alcohol. Apply one thin coat of Venique Sticky Base Coat. Apply one thin coat of Venique Step’n Out in Style to the entire nail and let dry.

2. Using a dotting tool and the Venique Tiramisu for You, place dots wherever you want cherries to be and let the nails dry completely.

3. Using a striper brush and green polish or acrylic paint, draw stems and connect the two cherries. (You can also use a green, fi ne-point, Sharpie permanent marker.) Take a small brush and place small accents on the cherries using Venique Wing Tip White. Finish the design with a thin layer of Venique Top Coat over all the nails, making sure to cap off the free edges.


Shopping List (Click here to purchase these products.)

❑ Venique Step’n Out in Style

❑ Venique Tiramisu for You

❑ Venique Wing Tip White

❑ Venique Sticky Base Coat

❑ Venique Top Coat

❑ Striper brush

❑ Dotting tool

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