Rachael Waggoner (right) mans the Lock Luster booth at an event.

Rachael Waggoner (right) mans the Lock Luster booth at an event.

“Clients who like my crazy 3-D nails also love bling in their hair,” says Rachael Waggoner, owner of Dazzlin Digits 3D Nails in Lakewood, Colo., and a growing company called Lock Luster. “I manufacture and distribute hair tinsel, feathers, and Bling Strings. We go all over Colorado — and now other areas — to events and festivals and bling out people’s hair.”

Waggoner came up with the idea for Lock Luster on a trip to Las Vegas. “I was walking through a hotel and caught a glimpse of a girl who had a pixie haircut and tinsel. It was awesome,” she says. “I was so excited. Long story short, I got my hands on some. It was fun but wouldn’t last for long and was not high-quality. I needed to figure out how to get a better product. I did my research and started Lock Luster.”

She introduced Lock Luster at private parties, festivals, benefits, concerts, and trade shows, then created a set of instructional videos and put together kits. “People can buy a kit to sell their own tinsel and do their own parties,” she explains. “Girls started making money at their sororities, sports teams, work, bars, hospitals, and more. Before I knew it I had a booming business with a bunch of women all over the U.S. buying Lock Luster tinsel and feathers.”

Waggoner sells her hair products in the salon as well. “People love feeling the items on our display and picking out colors. We have a ton of fun in our salon. After all, our favorite color is glitter!”

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