From the creators of China Glaze comes Gelaze, a new gel-polish system featuring fewer steps than the traditional gel manicure. Gelaze Gel-n-Base in One — now available in 49 shades China Glaze lovers will recognize — is a two-in-one gel-polish with base coat built into the formula. It is compatible with either LED or UV light.

1. Perform a dry manicure. Then remove shine from the natural nail with a buffer.

2. Apply a thin coat of Gel-n-Base in One gel-polish and cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp or two minutes under UV. Repeat the process for a second coat.

3. Apply a thin coat of Gelaze Gel Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds with LED or two minutes with UV.

4. Wipe the cured nails with a Gelaze Pre-Soaked Gel Cleanser Pad to remove the sticky gel residue.

5. To remove, break the seal of the gel nail with a nail file.

6. Saturate Gelaze Professional Gel and Nail Polish Remover Wrap with Gelaze Gel Remover. Wrap it securely around the nail. Allow the remover to penetrate the nails for 10 minutes.

7. Use an orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to gently loosen and remove the gel.


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