Polish lovers are in luck — this April, Venique is launching its new Gel-Like Base and Top Coats, meant to be worn with regular nail lacquer. These quick-drying, high-gloss formulas were developed with a UV absorber, which helps protect the polish color from UV light and provides a hard, chip-resistant coating that helps extend the wear of a manicure. Gel-Like Top Coat has a thicker consistency than regular top coat; this gives clients’ nails a glassy appearance similar to the look of gel. The thickness also acts as a shielding agent. The product cures with UV rays produced naturally by the sun or household florescent lights, allowing clients to cure the product daily.

To apply, polish one coat of Gel-Like Base Coat over the natural nail. Then apply one to two coats of the nail polish of your choice. Lastly, apply one coat of Gel-Like Top Coat over the manicure and let it dry. Expect a slightly longer dry time than normal top coat since this product is thicker. It can be rubbed off, without soaking or scraping, with regular acetone.

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