This year, Kallista launched its first two hand creams created especially for salon professionals.  The idea was born out of a sympathy for technicians whose hands are in water and chemicals for a large portion of the day and may even receive the occasional nick.  

“We approached the design by first connecting with professionals who work long hours in the salon every day, plus industry leaders, so we got all perspectives to understand exactly what issues Kallista products needed to address,” says Linda Gillette Parodi, director of sales and education for Kallista. “In the list of needs, hand creams were at the top.”

Kallista products were formulated in France and Switzerland and produced in the U.S. without parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. It’s a non-greasy formula, and according to the brand, techs who tested the product report feeling comfortable working with clients immediately after application and are able to put on and take off gloves.

Two hand creams are currently available: Daily Moisturizing Cream for Creative Hands and Intensive Moisturizing Cream. The daily cream is a fast-absorbing formula for everyday hand care that rebalances skin, leaving hands protected during repeated washing. It’s designed for use throughout the workday. Kallista’s intensive moisturizer is a rich emollient formula to comfort the dry, dehydrated, and overworked hands of techs in need of extra care.

Ingredients include spilanthes (a soothing South African flowering herb known to naturally fight bacteria), hypericum (a flower widely acclaimed for its cosmetic and antioxidant properties), and nacre (also known as mother of pearl, a time-honored beauty tonic).

“Kallista’s mission is to look after those who make others look more beautiful,” says Parodi. “That goes for all professionals, including nail technicians, who experience work-related skin irritations on their hands, despite their hands being their most important and precious professional tool.”

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