After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at establishing her own nail salon, Chicago-based nail tech Wauteesha Weatherall knew she had to develop a plan that was going to make her stand out. “I had been contemplating whether I should re-lease the storefront I had previously leased back in 2003 for my first nail salon, but the thought just did not sit well with me,” she says. “During one of my daily brainstorms I thought of an actual moving nail spa. Every detail involving this mobile nail spa was so vivid in my mind, I knew I had to embrace this vision. Within one week, a team of workers was transforming my shuttle bus inside and out. Before I knew it, a month had passed and Total Perfection Nail Spa on Wheels was ready with only a few minor adjustments needed.” 

The vehicle has two client service chairs that heat and massage, a waiting area with three reception chairs and a receptionist desk, and amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, beverages, and a high-definition television.

Weatherall’s plan is to cater to spa parties, customers of hotels without spas, and movie or video sets. “I will also service individual clients at their locations and I’m searching for a centralized location where I can stand for a number of hours throughout the day,” she adds.

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