Award-winning nail tech Marina Lopresto has been doing nails in the U.S. and Russia for 11 years. She is passionate about different styles of nail art and loves to work with gels. As an Alessandro International educator, Lopresto uses the company’s products to create a variety of competition- and salon-worthy designs such as this manicure called Classic Rose.

1. Sanitize and prep the nails for gel application. Place the professional mask form on the nail to create a stiletto shape. 

2. Sculpt the nail with Alessandro’s UV Color Gel in Milky Dream, or any other Alessandro gel that fits your client’s needs. File and buff the stiletto nail. (Lopresto used Alessandro’s High Speed File Moon.)

3. Apply Alessandro’s Lac Sensation in Be a Star on half of the nail, creating a diagonal line starting at the cuticle. Fill in the rest of the nail with Lac Sensation in Wild Cat. Then use a needle tool in a circular motion to blend the two colors together where they meet. Cure for 90 seconds in a UV lamp.

4. Use Lac Sensation in Classic Red to create the shape of a rose midway through the nail.

5. Using Lac Sensation in Pumpkin, outline the details of the rose. Use Lac Sensation in Plum Cake to make the leaves. Next add highlights with Lac Sensation in Moonlight Kiss. Cure before adding each design element for 90 seconds.

6. Apply Lac Sensation UV Top Coat, cure for another 90 seconds, and wipe off the sticky layer. Outline the design with Alessandro’s Champion’s Choice French Ultra White-Ultra Thin and cure for 120 seconds. Reapply the top coat and cure again. Wipe off the sticky layer.  

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