Nail techs become nail techs in part because of an artistic eye and skilled hands. These qualities also make them naturals at creating hand-crafted items their clients simply love — especially around the holidays.

Who: Margaret Thomas, It’s A Secret Salon, Culver City, Calif. (
What: I made BLINGed Pens as client gifts and then people started ordering them. I incorporate 3-D nail art sculpting, hand-painting, and crystals to create art on my pens, tape dispensers, and other items. In between clients is a great time to add bling to ordinary items and create even more income from my passion for nails!
How much? The pens run $25 and up. The handpainted shoe tape dispensers start at $40.

Who: Natalie Wargo, Shear Innocence, Salix, Pa. (
What: I started making jewelry and wearing it. My clients and coworkers would always ask where I got my stuff so I started making them things. Then I started to put earrings, necklaces, and bracelets out for display and they sold out. So I continued to make all kinds using different mediums.
How much: Bracelets go for $10 to $25.

Who: Ashley Upshall, Synthetic Nails, Witless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada (Facebook: search “The Crochet Zoo”)
What: I learned how to crochet when I was pregnant last year. I started watching YouTube videos and found that I picked up all the stitches and techniques pretty quickly. I purchased patterns online from amazing creators on Etsy. It became a new addiction and was really a hit with my clients. I now make children’s hats and amigurumi animals.
How much? Prices range from $20-$25.

Who: Peggy Prouty, Cutters Edge Salon, Boulder, Colo. (
What: For the last 10 years, I’ve sold Christmas ornaments, nesting dolls, wreaths, and other seasonal crafts — all handmade and custom-ordered. I am busy with it year-round.
How much: Ornaments start at $20 and go up to $50. Nesting dolls start at $75 and go up to hundreds depending on the theme and detail.

Who: Lisa Stoffer, Hair Studio 227, Dover, Ohio (Candynails71 on Instagram)
What: I make hand-painted ornaments. About 10 years ago I didn’t have much money for Christmas gifts so I decided to use my talent to hand-paint ornaments for each member of my extended family. Then, to my surprise, people started asking if I take orders. I’ve sold them to coworkers and customers. It’s a fun hobby and gets me in the Christmas spirit.
How much: $25 per bulb.

Who: Rachael Waggoner, Dazzlin’ Digits 3D Nails, Lakewood, Colo. (
What: I make rice-filled warmers in the fall and all through the winter. I warm them up in the microwave and drape them around my clients’ shoulders. I’ll often use essential oils to make them smell like orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. The pillowcases can be removed and washed to keep them sanitary. My clients love them so much they buy them for themselves.
How much: $20.

Who: Clair Gill, mobile manicurist, UK (
What: I started to attend vintage fairs on the weekends. This led me to start experimenting with making simple jewelry like my button bracelets. They proved popular, especially the button rings, and I’ve continued to make them to sell at fairs and via my Facebook page.
How much: I try to keep my prices low, charging £4 ($6.40) for a bracelet, £3 ($4.80) for a ring, £3 for hair clips, and £1 ($1.60) for earrings.

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