The reality show judges have weighed in and the verdict is clear: Nail art rules the fashion runways. Boldly designed nails have generated buzz on two competition-style reality shows recently.

On season 12, episode 12 of “Project Runway,” celebrity nail tech Tom Bachik was on hand to do nail consultations and create amazing looks to complement the designer’s avant-garde apparel for the L’Oreal challenge. Models walked the runway sporting ombre, outlined, and paint-splattered nail art that wowed judges Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia.

In episode 2007 of “America’s Next Top Model,” both the male and female models sported themed nail art looks for the episode’s photo shoot. (Apparently creator-host Tyra Banks is a huge nail art fan.) The men had no fear of their dazzling digits, with an array of poses that looked edgy and confi dent.

We can’t wait to see what reality TV show will get on the nail art bandwagon next.

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