Although each state has specific regulations to ensure client safety, using the best possible technology and procedures will increase clients’ safety from infection, elevate customer confi dence, increase customer retention, and provide a competitive advantage for their services. One option for sterilizing your reusable implements, Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers, kills bacteria without moisture and will not dull or rust sharp instruments.

“Dry heat sterilization offers several advantages for metal tools and devices over moist-heat (autoclave) sterilizers,” says Joe Gambino, channel manager for CPAC Equipment, Inc. The first is the ability to use a sterilizer bag or pouch that can be handled after the sterilization process and cooling cycle. The sterilized tools can be stored up to 30 days in these pouches. In many autoclaves, the metal tools are wet when the sterilization process is complete and must be used right away. If autoclave bags are used and are moist when removed from the sterilizer, the moisture provides favorable conditions for microbial growth. Another advantage of dry heat sterilization is metal tools such as nippers, clippers, and cuticle pushers will not rust, pit, or dull. Using a dry heat sterilizer at 320° F (160° C) for one hour is the standard time and temperature for most dry heat sterilizers. As a result, tools last longer, hinged tools will not rust or corrode, and clippers remain sharp. Unlike wet-heat methods, Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers require no routine cleaning.

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