You could be losing a mountain of money each year just because you aren’t rebooking your clients. “Most salon owners don’t push clients to rebook. They think that clients will come back when they are ready. This might be true, but it’s also not likely that they will come back as often as they need to so they can maintain their nails properly,” says Emma Fluerty, an Australia-based salon business coach. “As the professional it is up to us to educate our clients and make sure they rebook, because once they leave the salon their life gets in the way and they don’t call for an appointment when they should.”

Instead, you need to make rebooking part of the salon culture. Says Fluerty: “If you educate your clients and offer them an incentive to rebook, you can gain very loyal clients who then expect that each and every time they visit your salon you are going to rebook them.”

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