While we see nail tech Lisa Wong at many of the major trade shows working at CND’s booth, we last saw her in our photo studio creating a lovely French twist look for our June 2008 cover. The Vista, Calif.-based tech has been doing nails for 20 years, 16 of them as an education ambassador for CND. “I’ve been in this industry for 20 years and I still love working,” says Wong. As a mobile nail technician, she spends about 80% of her time servicing clients, often doing private parties.

She travels to the Los Angeles area every two weeks. “I have the privilege of working at Sony Studios (in Culver City, Calif.) on some of the corporate staff,” she says, noting that they tend to choose Shellac. “I see about 12 clients a day for up to three days at a time.”

The day of our shoot, she was flying to San Francisco for a CND educational event.

Her favorite trip was two years ago when she went to New Zealand to teach CND master classes. “I traveled all across New Zealand for 13 days with our distributor going into salons,” says Wong, who also notes she went bungee jumping off a bridge during New Zealand’s winter-month of July.

In addition to education, Wong has also done editorial work for Vanity Fair, Women’s Health, Flair Canada, and Entertainment LA. But the best part about her job is inspiring other nail professionals.

We hope you’ll all be inspired by these awesome knit-textured nails she did for this month’s cover.

We asked CND education  ambassador Lisa Wong (left)  to recreate a knit-pattern on the  accent nails of our model Ciara.  She created a unique textured  look using a variety of nail  products and a window screen!

We asked CND education ambassador Lisa Wong (left) to recreate a knit-pattern on the accent nails of our model Ciara. She created a unique textured look using a variety of nail products and a window screen!

Here’s how you can do these nails:

1. Prep all of the nails. On the four accent nails, apply a thin layer of CND’s Retention+ Liquid and Powder with the new CND Additives in Icicles for added texture.

2. Using a small piece of window screen, press it onto the soft product to create texture. Pull it off before the product hardens completely. Lightly clean up the edges with a file.

3. Using CND Vinylux colors, lightly place drops of several different colors on the textured nail before it dries.

4. Use the screen to press the color into the nail. This allows the Vinylux colors to sink into the lines you created in step 2.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with more colors of Vinylux.

6. We recommend doing about three colors each time so you can really layer the colors into the texture.

7. For the remaining six nails, follow your normal Shellac application using Blue Rapture, Tinted Love, and Asphalt on alternating nails. The high-shine of the Shellac nails gives a nice contrast to the knittextured nails.

Photography by Vu Ong/Kimberly Pham


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