Created to bring natural healing agents into the salon, Alfalfa Nail Supply’s Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa Pedicure includes fragrant essential oils, dried herbs, unscented scrubs, foot mask, lotion, and massage oil. Nail techs can combine the ingredients to create signature recipes or customized services.

1. Put six drops of essential oil into a tub of water and have the client soak her feet.

2. Mix together one teaspoon of unscented gel base, a half-teaspoon of herbs, one teaspoon of sugar, and four drops of essential oil. Apply the scrub gel mixture onto your client’s feet and legs and exfoliate, leaving the toes, heel, and bottom of the feet exposed.

3. Mix together one teaspoon of unscented mask base, a half-teaspoon of herbs, and four drops of essential oil. Apply the mask over the scrub gel and let it sit for 10 minutes. (The toes, heel, and bottom of the feet are still exposed.)

4. Shape the nails and clean up the cuticle while the feet are absorbing the scrub and mask.

5. Rinse the scrub and mask off with warm water.

6. Mix together one tablespoon of unscented massage oil and four drops of essential oil. Massage the mixture onto the client’s feet. Use a massage tool if desired. Then wipe down the feet with a hot towel to remove the oil.

7. Mix one tablespoon of unscented lotion with four drops of essential oil and apply it to the feet.

8. Clean the nail surface with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball and then polish if desired.


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