Back-Bar Made Easy

by Brittni Rubin | September 11, 2013, a division of Smell No Evil Ltd., is a private label skin care company that manufactures back-bar products for salons and other entities.

While the company carries in-house formulas, clients can also provide the company with their own pre-existing bases. Graphic design and contract manufacturing services are also available through the website.

“ began out of a need we recognized among our clients,” says Alison B. Kontur, president of Smell No Evil Ltd. “This is a service for salons who don’t want to take part in the repackaging portion of selling products in their own facilities.”

Minimum orders start as low as 16 units with a 15-day turnaround for orders under 1,000 units. Products include bath oils, body butters, lotions, and massage oils. is additionally experienced in natural and vegan product lines. 

The website’s staff has a lot of experience working with salons, and if you mention you saw this blurb in NAILS, will provide a free 30-minute phone consultation.

For more information, visit

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