Lace has evolved from doilies and wedding dresses to high-fashion runway looks, where the peekaboo fabric has recently been exuding an edgy, modern vibe. At Venus Nails & Day Spa in Orlando, nail tech Bryan Vu recently embedded black lace into clear acrylic stiletto nails to create a mesmerizing design. 

The salon caters to a large University of Central Florida population, which loves the elongated stiletto nail. “And yes they do it full length,” Vu says. “Students are on a budget, but nails are a necessity in their book!” 

A full set takes Vu about two hours, “mostly because when applying the clear acrylic over the lace you must do it perfectly, so there won’t be any bubbles — everything shows through clear acrylic, ”Vu says. He charges about $120 for this set (plus more if the client wants flowers atop). 

Vu purchased the lace from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft and chose Hand & Nail Harmony products to complete the look. Here’s how he gave lace a modern twist.

1. Prep the natural nail, and apply pH Bond and Pro Bond. Apply a stiletto form.

2. Elongate the nail bed using Renew Pink acrylic. Spread a thin layer of True Clear acrylic all the way out to the tip of the form. Before the True Clear hardens, place a thin piece of lace on the desired area. This will hold the lace in place.

3. Encase the lace in True Clear acrylic all the way to the tip of the form. Before the enhancement hardens fully, pinch the C-curve.

4. Remove the form. Lightly file to perfect the stiletto shape, making sure to file off any excess fabric on the sides. To do this more quickly, use an acrylic nipper to nip off excess fabric first, which cuts down on filing time.

5. Thinly apply Gelish Foundation Gel over the entire nail. Cure for five seconds in Gelish’s 18G LED Lamp. Dry wipe to remove excess tack. Apply a thin coat of Black Shadow only on the elongated nail bed area. Cure for 30 seconds. Apply a second coat of Black Shadow. Cure for 30 seconds. Apply Top It Off Gel Sealer. Cure for 30 seconds. Apply Cleanser to remove the oxygen inhibition layer.

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