If filing debris has you down, Erica’s ATA may have just the thing. Its NV210 is a portable vacuum system that can be easily moved around the salon from nail station to pedi tub. The nozzle attaches over the handpiece, differentiating the NV210 from other vacuums. “This is an important feature because gel and dead skin produce such fine particles when filed that these particles go airborne all over the room,” says company owner Erica Tausch. “These fine particles must be captured right from the source; the attached nozzle allows the vacuum to suck debris right off the bit.”  The unit uses a hospital-grade HEPA bag that is 99.99% efficient for collecting pollens, spores, bacteria, fungus, and allergens. “It works great for removing dead callus off the plantar side of the foot,” adds Tausch.

The external variable-speed control can be attached to the desk with Velcro so the nail tech can turn the machine on and off while controlling the speed range by the touch of a finger while the vacuum sits on the floor or inside a cabinet. The NV210 fits a variety of Erica’s and Kupa e-files.

For more information, go to http://www.ericasata.com/shop/.

Watch a demonstration of the NV210 at  www.nailsmag.com/video/ericasnv210.

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