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Wax On, Strip Off

by NLS Staff | July 31, 2013

At Premiere Orlando, international brand Alessandro introduced Striplac to the U.S. nail market. The new gel-polish line challenges everything we know about proper product removal.

While Striplac is applied like a conventional gel-polish and cured under an LED lamp for 60 seconds, clients can simply peel the product off when they’re ready to remove it. No solvents, alcohol, or acetone necessary, just a Peel-off Activator solution. Wearers should brush it around the edges of the nail and then wait three to five minutes before peeling. According to Alessandro, with this newly developed technology, the naked nail underneath remains healthy and undamaged.

Striplac is meant to last up to 10 days without chipping and provides a glossy, scratch- proof finish that protects and strengthens the natural nail, says the company.

Currently, a starter kit is available, which contains all the products required for applying Striplac: cleansing pads, a correction pen, Peel-off Activator, Twin Coat (a two- in-one base and top coat), and gel-polish. A handy UV-LED lamp for quick curing is also included. More than 20 colors are available.

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