Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee

Around the office, I’ve started seeing signs emblazoned with the statement “The Year of Great Feedback.” It’s the 2013 motto for our parent company, Bobit Business Media, and senior management is encouraging all managers and employees to be more cognizant of giving feedback — both positive and constructive — on a more consistent basis. It’s a great thought. But here’s the thing: It’s too bad we have to be reminded to give feedback to our coworkers.

I know it happens. We get caught up in our day-to-day lives of appointments and deadlines and we don’t always take the time to appreciate — and thank— those who help us do our jobs better. Some people are awesome at saying thanks and giving feedback. It just comes naturally. But for others, it isn’t always top of mind. And I wholeheartedly believe that (at least most of the time) it isn’t because someone doesn’t appreciate the job done or the work performed, but it just isn’t the first thing they think to do. So I guess that’s why we need to be reminded. 

By sheer coincidence, I received a letter over the weekend from a reader thanking us. In it she stated, “I realized that I have been reading your magazine every month for years and have enjoyed it immensely, but have never ONCE in all of those years sent you or any of the writers a simple message to convey that. So, I wanted to take the time to thank you and the entire staff of NAILS for all that you do and for helping me realize that I need to continue to support our professional community. I’m sure you get plenty of thank you e-mails, but you certainly don’t get as many as you deserve.”

We do hear from readers who appreciate what we’re doing to help them succeed in the nail industry and we love it. And yes, from time to time, we also get constructive feedback from readers who wish we’d do something differently or who don’t agree with something we’ve written. Both types of feedback are appreciated and carefully considered. Feedback is how we gauge if we’re hitting the mark. It’s how we redirect what we’re doing and know what you want to see in the pages of NAILS and on NailsMag.com.

How are YOU doing at giving feedback? Whether you are a salon owner, an employee, or a booth renter, are you taking time to help others in your salon with both positive and constructive feedback? Do you tell your coworker that you love her latest nail art designs and think she’s really talented? Do you help the new tech with advice and tips on how to shave a few minutes off her acrylic application time? Do you let your regular client know how much you appreciate how she’s always on time for appointments?

These little gestures of appreciation are meaningful and help to affirm that we all aren’t just punching a time clock day after day. It’s nice to feel appreciated and recognized. And yes, it’s even nice to be offered constructive feedback because it shows that those around you are paying attention and want to help you succeed. I urge everyone reading this page to make it a point to offer feedback — appreciative and constructive — to your employees, your coworkers, your boss, and your clients. And I’d love to hear about it! E-mail me at Hannah.Lee@bobit.com.

So, thank you for your thank you letter, Tina Alberino. It really did make my day.

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