OPI educator Rachel Jones of San Mateo, Calif., says that nothing takes years off a client’s hands than beautiful, classic pink-and-white nails. Using OPI’s Axxium Gel System, Jones enhanced and extends the nails to produce strong, easily maintained nails that make for younger-looking hands. For more information, go to www.opi.com.

1. Push back the cuticles and clean and detail the nails. Gently remove the shine from nail surfaces with an Edge Silver 180-File. Dust, cleanse, and apply BondAid.

2. Apply FreeForms. Polish Gel Base on four fingers, leaving a small margin near the cuticle and sidewalls. Cap the free edges. Cure for one minute in the Axxium UV Light.

3. Apply Soft White Sculpture Gel to the first four free edges forming the smile lines and extending to desired length. Moisten the brush with N.A.S. 99 and use the point to create a crisp edge. Cure for two minutes.

4. Apply Clear Sculpture Gel, building to a strong arch at the stress area. Cure for two minutes. Apply Soft Pink Sculpture Gel near the cuticle and pull forward. Cure for two minutes. Remove forms. Remove moist residue with an Expert Touch Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99. Repeat all steps on thumbs. Shape and contour nails. Apply a coat of No Cleanse UV Top Sealer. Cure for two minutes. Finish with Avoplex Oil and Lotion.

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