With Kupa’s Divinity Colored Acrylic Powders and Artfinity Glitters, you can glam up your clients’ nails with hundreds of combinations of colored powders. The Artfinity Glitters have a luster and shimmer that come in multiple colors, and the Acrylic Powders go on easy and offer excellent coverage. These subtle gold glitter tips are perfect for clients who want a little flash to go with their classic look. For more information, go to www.kupainc.com.

1. Prep the nails with the buffer side of the Shaper file and apply your tips. Shape, dust, and apply Peace Prep and Lover Primer on the natural nails only. Overlay the entire nail with Divinity Pink Velvet colored powder and Divinity Traditional Liquid Monomer.

2. Shape all the nails with the Shaper File. With your Kupa e-file and sanding band continue to shape and refine the surface of the nails.

3. Refine and bevel the cuticle area with the Kupa Safety Bit.

4. Remove the dust and choose your glitter colors. Orange Cream, Cherry Pop, and Cotton Candy Flair were combined to create this look.

5. One nail at a time, apply UV Phoria to the nail. With your Artfinity 3-D brush, dip into one glitter and apply to the tip of the nail. Apply a second and third glitter. Press the glitter flat with your finger and cure for one minute. Apply an additional coat of UV Phoria to all the nails and cure.

6. Apply UV Phoria to the underside of the nail and apply glitter and cure. Hold nails with palms up in UV lamp. With the buffer side of the Shaper file, refine any edges where you can feel the glitter and make them perfectly smooth.

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