CND’s Brisa Lite Kit — which includes top coat, base coat, Sculpting Gel, and Smoothing Gel — is a removable gel system that’s easy to take off and doesn’t require filing of the natural nail. Roxanne Valinoti, CND’s education manager,

says Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel makes a great stand-alone correction service for clients whose nails are slightly less than perfect.

For nail biters or clients experiencing difficulty growing out their nails, the lightweight, clear Smoothing Gel corrects the natural shape and provides protection. “It performs like a nail enhancement product, but it’s desirable because there’s no roughing up of the actual nail before application,” says Valinoti.

Using Smoothing Gel only adds about four minutes to the initial service time, and Valinoti recommends charging 20% to 30% more than the price of your manicure. Smoothing Gel lasts around three weeks and makes a great service for male clients as well, Valinoti adds.

After prepping the nail, apply Brisa Lite Removable Base Coat and cure it. Then apply Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel and cure again. Smoothing Gel is commonly worn with Shellac, but for a clear, natural look, apply Brisa Lite Top Coat and cure.


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