Nail tech S. Maria Chheo-Shen in Chandler, Ariz., has a huge following on her YouTube and Facebook pages (search NailNation3000). She’s now releasing her own polish line for professionals, consumers, bloggers, and anyone who simply loves polish. “I always mixed colors and made polish for clients and myself to get the exact shades I wanted,” Chheo-Shen says, who adds that NailNation polishes are made from “three-free” suspense bases, plus pigments and glitters.

As a veteran nail tech, makeup artist, and owner of Studio Bella in Orlando, Fla., Tyla Lusk knew what she wanted in a glitter. “I could not find the colors and consistency I wanted. So I started custom blending, and people started noticing. Everywhere I went, and every tradeshow I attended, people asked about my glitter toes.” Lusk is now offering the product used to make her stunning glitter toes, dubbing it Glam Rock Glitter.

Las Vegas-based tech G Elizondo created the recipes for her OMG’s glitter line in a three-day period, and the line is now being mass produced by professional manufacturer Elegant Glass. “When you are mixing for people other than yourself, you really have to expand your creativity and consider that people want something other than pink!” Elizondo says. “And you have to consider different textures and the amount of bling. I think I came up with a collection that will tickle everyone’s fancy.” The glitters can be used with gels and acrylics.

With two locations in New York City, nail salon TenOverTen knows what clients are looking for. The company launched its “five-free” polish that targets both salon clients and the end consumer. The salon seasonally adds new colors, plus has done several collaborations with its favorite spin studio, SoulCycle.

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