Like many nail techs, Tania Rice was challenged with providing pampering nail services in a tiny space. At 10-ft. by 8-ft., the room didn’t leave a lot of leeway to both do pedicures and store supplies. So this creative salon owner of Certified Esthetics in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, decided to combine the two ideas — by commissioning a custom-designed pedicure chair base with a pull-out drawer. “The drawer can hold 64 cans of wax!” Rice says, though she adds that all that wax made the drawer a bit too heavy to open, so now she stores a wide array of service supplies in it. “My boyfriend’s friend, Darren Enter, built some larger versions for a big spa here in Regina and took on the challenge of building a single version for me. Overall the cost was much lower than buying a pre-made station,” she says, with the base costing her $350. She invested in a Human Touch Massage Chair to go on top, which hugs the wall to save space.

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