InStyle's April 2013 issue featured three nail designs created by Jin Soon Choi using her flower-inspired spring collection of polishes.

  • Graphic Triangle (high-contrast hues)

Apply base coat. Polish nails with the coral lacquer. Wait a minute for it to dry, then grab the lighter blue and position the brush at one side of the nail, about a quarter inch above the base. Sweep the bristles diagonally across the surface. Take the darker blue and repeat Step 3 on the opposite side of the nail. Finish all fingers, then apply topcoat.

Apply the lighter of the two shades first so the colors show up better, says Choi.

  • New Moon (monochromatic design)

Apply base coat then paint nails with the light pink. Let dry about one minute. Take the deeper coral tone and place the brush at the lower left corner at the base of the nail. Glide it diagonally across the surface. Place the brush at the lower right corner and drag it diagonally across to the upper left. Add topcoat.

According to Choi, the V-shape of this design has an elongating effect on fingers.

  • Pop Art Puddles (vibrant spin on animal print)

Start with base coat then cover nails with the coral hue. Allow it to dry about one minute. Start with one shade; dip brush in polish, then lightly dab color onto different areas of the nail. With the remaining two lacquers, repeat Step 3. After decorating fingers, put on a layer of topcoat.


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