Minx Underwear Application with Gel-Polish

by NLS Staff | April 1, 2013

From the makers of Minx (solid nail coatings) comes Minx Underwear, a flirtatious way to use Minx in easy nail art creations. Debuting with six sexy designs — All Tied Up, Smack It, Divinity, Boudoir, Garter, and Tickle My Fancy — the embellishments can be mixed and matched with each other to create an array of looks. Minx Underwear is thinner than full-coverage Minx for easy embedding, and additional designs will launch regularly. Minx Underwear can be used with any medium from gel-polish (shown) to acrylic to gel to polish, lasting as long as the medium in which it is embedded.     

1. Place the Minx Underwear (still on the backing sheet) under the Minx Heat on medium heat. Prep the client’s nails for gel-polish application, per the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Apply two to three layers of gel-polish, curing per the manufacturer’s instructions between each coat.

3. Remove the inhibition layer.

4. Decide which size of the Minx Underwear you will be using, based on the client’s nail bed size.

5. Hold the Minx Underwear under the Minx Heat until visibly softened.

6. Using Minx Twizzers, place the Minx Underwear on the nail, whichever way the client prefers, whether it’s horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

7. If required, file off the excess Minx Underwear with a Minx crystal file.

8. Apply two layers of the appropriate gel top coat. Outline the edges of the Underwear with the first coat. Apply second coat as normal. Cure. Apply cuticle oil.

We have more information on Minx Underwear:

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