Leo’s On Chocolate Salon and Spa, Hershey, Pa., uses: Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mineral Bath, Chocolate Scrub, Chocolate Mousse Mask, Chocolate Butter Cream; base coat, polish, top coat.


1. Soak the client’s hands in warm water with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mineral Bath. Serve the client a glass of wine.
2. Prep the client’s nails.

3. Exfoliate the client’s hands and lower arms with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Scrub. Rinse. Pat dry.

4. Mix the Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mousse Mask with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Butter Cream and water. Apply this mixture to the tops of the client’s hands with a brush. Wrap the hands in plastic wrap, then place in warm mitts for about 10 minutes. Remove.
5. Massage the client’s hands and lower arms with the Chocolate Butter Cream.
6. Apply warm towels for about two minutes.

7. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Price: $40

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