We know what you’re thinking. Foot Zone Therapy must just be another name for foot reflexology. Not so, says Kristen Bowen, a Foot Zone Therapy practitioner and instructor based in North Logan, Utah. “Foot Zone Therapy is an ancient and complex alternative therapy based on the principles that our feet are the signal to the rest of our body,” says Bowen. “It involves applying directed pressure to the foot along various ‘zones,’ or meridian channels, in order to stimulate other parts of the body.”

Although based on similar principles, Foot Zone Therapy and reflexology vary in their approaches. “Foot Zone Therapy is based on zones of the foot sending specific signals to other zones of the body. Reflexology relies on reflexes,” says Bowen.  “Foot Zone Therapy  focuses on the underlying signal problems instead of the surface pains. For example a migraine may have underlying blockage with other meridian lines so a Foot Zone Therapist will always zone the entire body to bring balance instead of focusing on the reflex point for where you are feeling the headache. Bringing balance to the body is integral to being a Foot Zone Therapist.”

Of course, everyone will respond differently to the therapy, but generally speaking the benefits can include increased circulation, renewing of the cell systems, rejuvenation of the immune system, bringing balance back to the body, assisting with digestion, improved sleep, faster recovery from injuries or illnesses, and increased energy, according to Bowen.

For more information on Foot Zone Therapy, check out Bowen’s website at www.LivingTheGoodLifeNaturally.com.

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