“If you’re just getting started working with your local media, a VIP card is an excellent tool to put in the hands of local newspaper and magazine editors, TV program segment producers, hotel concierges, etc.,” says Sharon Esche of Esche & Alexander Public Relations. “We have found the VIP Card to be a powerful marketing and PR tool for salons and spas throughout the country.”  She recommends that salons design Media VIP Cards to give local media members and other influential people access to complimentary services at your salon. “Include the little guys,” says Esche. “Don’t just send your VIP cards to the big name anchors and beauty writers at local TV, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. Make sure to include assistants and the others often by-passed when the ‘goodies’ go out to the media. If that junior person has a great experience and feels like a star, you can bet she’ll be sharing her experience when she gets back to work.” You can find sample copy for a cover letter that would accompany your VIP card at www.beautyprpro.com/your-salon-vip-card-the-attractor-factor.

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