Ain’t No Mountain High, Ain’t No Valley Low…

For some nail clients, there just seems to be no distance wide enough to keep them from getting a great nail service from their favorite tech. We asked our readers to tell us about some clients who regularly travel great lengths to come in for their nail fix.

Nail Tech: Shirlee Ann Kerr
Client: Marilyn Benzel

Distance Traveled: 966 miles

“Marilyn Benzel first came to me years ago when I was at a salon in San Dimas, Calif. She and her husband Cliff moved to Colorado about two years ago, but she still has family here in San Dimas, and her husband has business here as well.
So they return often, and she calls me as soon as she knows she is on her way to California.

Every six to eight weeks she calls for an appointment. She gets manicures and pedicures, as needed, but doesn’t stress as to how often. If I am booked, as I am many times at that short of notice, I just book her at 7 or 7:30 a.m. to fit her in. She is a morning person, so she does not mind. I’m happy to fit her in and see her. My clients all hold a very special place in my heart. They are like family.”


Nail Tech: Cecelia Bustamante
Client: Rachel Taylor Daleigh

Distance Traveled: 54.6 miles

“Rachel first came to see me once back when we were both in Okinawa. She was stationed in the Air Force base there and I was doing nails while my husband was at the local army base. She moved out of Okinawa to Oklahoma, stationed at Altus AFB, and we stayed friends on Facebook.

Then when my husband and I moved to Oklahoma a while later, she contacted me and said she’d be willing to travel the hour or so that it takes for her to get from the Air Force base in Altus to the Fort Sill Army Base where I am. Since I work Saturdays, she is happy to make the trip. You could even say this client followed me all the way from Japan!”


Nail Tech: Jennifer Kopolow
Client: Lynn Harmon

Distance Traveled: 25 miles

“For 18 years I worked in St. Charles, Mo., a bedroom community of St. Louis. Three years ago I moved to the city of St. Louis and quickly grew tired of my 45-minute commute to work four days a week, especially with a busy CND education ­schedule. I downsized my St. Charles ­clientele and built up my St. Louis clientele until I was able to work ­exclusively in the city salon close to my new home.  Several ­clients have followed me, all making that 45-minute commute to see me.  I am currently renting space at Vita Bella Studio Salon in south St. Louis City, and the loyalty of my clients from St. Charles is truly valued.”

“It was tough when Jennifer moved,” says client Lynn Harmon. “I admit I even tried to stay close to St. Charles at first, even though ­Jennifer had been doing my nails since 1996. But after two months I called her and asked to come back as a client. She graciously accepted and I’m so thankful. Her skill and professionalism are unmatched.”


Nail Tech: Mary Metscaviz
Client: Amy Reichmuth

Distance Traveled: 88 miles

“Amy has traveled and followed me for over 18 years. She even came to me when she lived 88 miles away. So that’s 176 miles round trip for a fill! Currently she lives 63 miles away and makes the trip every two weeks. We have grown, cried, laughed, complained, sulked, smiled — basically shared our lives while I do her nails. We have gone to weddings, funerals, parties, and dinner outside of the salon. Her hands are even on my website,”


Nail Tech: Gail Eddy
Client: Cassandra Kelly

Distance Traveled: 105 miles

“Cassandra is from a town called Grate’s Cove in Newfoundland, Canada. She drives two hours to get her nails done by me. My salon is located in Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada. She started coming to me when my salon was close to where she lives. A friend of hers gave her a gift certificate for my salon and she became a loyal client.
Three years ago I moved my business to Paradise, and she has still been very loyal and driven the distance faithfully every five weeks! She remains a client because of the satisfaction she receives with her nails, she never has any issues with them, and I make it a priority to develop a genuine business relationship with my clients. After all, we literally hold our clients’ hands.”

Says Kelly of Eddy’s work, “The quality of her nails are by far worth the distance."


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