If you’re looking for a quick upsell that complements the existing services in your salon without cannibalizing them, then try G The Body Art Professional’s temporary glitter tattoos. Cresting on the success of temporary art trends (à la nail art), these jewel-toned designs last up to seven days and are instantly waterproof. Think of the possibilities: apply a butterfly to the top of a client’s hand while her nails are drying, a glitter “bracelet” to her wrist while she’s soaking in the pedicure tub, or a dragon to her upper arm after her waxing service. It would be a great service for salon parties and open houses as well. The application of each tattoo takes less than 10 minutes (clean skin, apply stencil and glue, remove stencil, apply glitter, wipe off excess) and, for the basic kit (which costs $195 and contains small-sized stencils), the company advises charging between $10 to $15 for each tattoo, leaving you with a profit of about $10 for each tattoo applied. Larger kits are also available (including with bridal stencils), as is a retail kit to whet your clients’ appetites.

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