Harper's Bazaar's November 2012 issue discussed different ways in which women today are seeking cosmetic treatment for aging hands. Especially in an era where face lifts and Botox injections are more prevalent, if the skin on a person's hands doesn't match their facial skin, it might reveal their true age, explains the article.

There are many cosmetic treatments emerging on the market, one of them being what's colloquially known as the "hand lift," where fat from a person's backside is injected into their hands to create a younger, softer look.

Similarly some dermatologists can take a piece of skin from behind the patient's ear, process it for two to three months to grow personalized collagen-producing cells, and then inject them back into the patient's hands to stimulate collagen growth.

Other treatments available include lasers to remove brown splotches and eliminate aging skin and a boney appearance. Fractional lasers penetrate the top layer of skin, blasting brown spots and stimulating collagen production.

Treatments range anywhere from $800 to $8,000.

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