When dealing with acrylic odor, of course fume extraction is very important, but so are good work habits, says Jesse Bruner, owner of Jesse David Nail Design in Wilmington, Del.

“With good working practices you should be able to control the amount of odor and get it to a point where you only smell it while you are actually applying product,” says Bruner.

He offers these tips to help control the smell:

1.  Use a metal trash can with a lid. Plastic will absorb the fumes.

2. Use a dappen dish with a lid for the liquid. Avoid spilling when you fill up the dish, and keep the lid on during all prep and finishing. It should only be uncovered during application (a maximum of 15 minutes). Also, after application, immediately dispose of the wipe in your metal bin.

3. Use a good mix ratio so you’re not constantly wiping and cleaning your brush during your application.

4. You can use a little nail plate sanitizer on the paper towel you use to wipe your brush. The sanitizer will pull the monomer and help neutralize the odor.   



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