When you take the time to educate clients, a couple things happen: Education underscores you as a professional, and it gives you an opportunity to set your salon and products apart from the seemingly limitless options available. Educating clients also builds loyalty, both to you and to the products you use.

Maybe you’re uncomfortable sharing all the benefits of the product because it’s something you offer as a retail item, and you think clients will be uncomfortable with what could be viewed as a “sales pitch.” Consider the drawbacks in this way of thinking. First, if you have a superior product, why would you withhold what you know from someone who could benefit from it? Second, if a client needs the product (lotion, cuticle oil, fast-drying top coat, for example), she is going to pick it up somewhere. Why not from you? Don’t feel guilty about making the sale. You’re providing the client with something she wants or needs; plus, it will be to her benefit to use a trusted product.

You’ve been in the position of the client before. Think of the times you have asked a professional you trust for a product recommendation. Maybe you wanted to know the best whey powder to buy, the best supplements to use, or the benefits of buying $120 shoes over the pair priced at $34.99. You were hoping someone would help you understand the benefit of one product over the other so you could make an informed choice about which product was best for you based on what you value most.

We’ve compiled 10 reasons techs say they choose professional products over consumer products. Read through to see if you agree, and feel free to share the handout with clients to remind them of the benefits you — and your products — provide.

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