To repair dry, cracked, and fissured heels, podiatrist Bill Danzeisen swears by Barefoot Botánica’s Cracked Heel Repair Creme and Pomegranate Sugar & Shea Scrub, products he custom formulated for his clients. “At our medspa, we use these products together as part of our medical pedicure,” he says. “It leaves feet crack-free and soft as a baby’s bottom.”

For mildly dry skin, calluses, or cracked heels, Dr. Danzeisen recommends once daily application of Cracked Heel Repair Creme alone. For moderate to severe cases, he recommends daily application of the heel treatment plus twice weekly exfoliation with Pomegranate Sugar & Shea Scrub. “It does more than just exfoliate,” he says. For severe cases of cracked heels and abnormal dryness of the skin, he recommends applying the Repair Creme to the heels while sleeping  two or three times per week for maximum penetration. “Wear white socks to bed — or better yet, Saran Wrap and socks,” he says.

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