For over a year, I tried to come up with a better pedicure station. The 21” platforms I originally used worked great for getting my clients’ feet up higher for me to work on, but not everyone had an easy time with the two steps. Plus when someone sat at the front of the chair to put their shoes on, the chair had a tendency to rock forward. I finally came up with a solution that is easier for clients, keeps their feet high enough, and accommodates both my FootsieBath pedicure basins and gel toe services. One long weekend later and with the building skills of my husband, the new pedicure platform was complete. I absolutely love the new set-up. Here’s how we built it.

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> (1) 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4” interior grade plywood
> (2) 8’ lengths of 4”x4” posts
> (6) 8’ 2”x4” boards
> 1 box of 3” deck screws
> 1 box of 1 ½” deck screws
> 1 quart paint
> (optional) glitter
> 24-oz. Mod Podge (two coats)
> 144”x 17.5” fabric for skirting for platform
> 168” x 9” fabric for skirting for steps
> 9 yards wide stiff ribbon for platform and steps
> (optional) 9 yards beaded fringe
> felt pads for under the legs

> saw
> power screwdriver
> tape measure
> paintbrushes
> staple gun


> (2) 1”x6”x14” boards
> (2) 14”x20” leather sheets
> (2) 2”x6”x14” foam
> (8) IKEA Capita 8.5” high cabinet legs
> (2) IKEA Odda nightstands
> machine screws, washers & nuts

> staple gun
> spray adhesive
> power screwdriver
> drill


> (2) IKEA Poäng chairs
> (2) FootsieBath pedicure basins
> (2) UV lights for gel toes

> 3” carriage bolts and washers
> drill
> scissors

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1.  Plywood: Cut (1) 30”x84” piece for the platform and (2) 18”x24” pieces for the steps.
2. 4x4’s: Cut (6) 16.625” legs for the platform and (8) 8.25” legs for the steps.
3. 2x4’s: Cut (2) 84” lengths and (4) 26.5” lengths for the platform and (4) 24” lengths and (4) 14.5” lengths for the steps.


1. Assemble the 2x4’s by laying out the long boards with the four short boards between them. Space the two center 2x4’s so that the 4x4 legs can be screwed in between them. Assemble the frame with 3” deck screws. Once the frame is assembled, screw the platform top to the frame using 1 ½” deck screws.

2. Position the 16.625” 4x4 legs and screw them in place through the adjacent 2x4’s using four screws per leg.

3. Assemble the steps in the same manner, using (2) 24” 2x4’s and (2) 14.5” 2x4’s for each step, and secure the legs in the corners through the platform surface as well as through the 2x4’s.

4. Paint the top surface of the platform and the steps. Paint the second coat and optionally sprinkle the glitters of your choice into the wet paint. Seal with two coats of Mod Podge.

5. Staple fabric for skirting to the platform (wrapping around the sides) and the two steps (covering all four sides). Leave a slight gap at the top of the fabric, which will be covered by the ribbon, so that no fabric will peek out at the top.

6. Staple a wide ribbon across the top of the front of the platform, flush with the top surface to create a clean edge. Be sure to use a stiff ribbon so it won’t sag. Staple beaded fringe (if using) over the ribbon.

(Instructions below are for one cart. Repeat to create the second cart.)

7.  Staple leather to one side of a 1”x6”x14” board.

8.  Use spray adhesive to attach the 2”x6”x14” foam to the top side of the board.

9.  Close the foam within the leather, then staple the leather along the second side. Fold and staple the ends.

10. Attach four IKEA cabinet legs to the bottom of the leather-topped board. Drill holes through the cabinet leg foot base and the nightstand, attach the footbase to the nightstand with machine screws.

11. Attach the bottom leg inserts into an IKEA Odda nightstand.


12. Position the IKEA Poäng chairs, hold them firmly in place and drill through the base and the platform surface. Use 3” carriage bolts and washers to secure the chairs in place so they don’t tip over.

13. Use scissors to slit the skirt to allow the steps to be pushed under the platform. Use your finished set-up with FootsieBath pedicure basins and a UV light, which can be placed on the empty part of the foot rest cart. The light and FootsieBath will fit side by side under the chairs so that you can switch them out if doing gel toes with a pedicure.

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