The ibd Just Gel Polish Starter Kit comes complete with a base coat, top coat, six shades of Just Gel Polish, a cuticle pusher, tent card, appointment cards, and an instructional DVD. The collection offers 30 sensational shades, with 24 creams, shimmers, and glitters, plus six glowing neons, to provide a wide range of color choices. The Just Gel system is LED and UV light curable, saving application time. Each layer of Just Gel Polish is cured in 30 seconds under the new exclusive ibd Jet LED Cure Lamp or in two minutes with the ibd Jet UV Light.


EzFlow’s TruGel Starter Kit comes complete with TruGel Base Coat, TruGel Top Coat, six Gel Colors, Cuticle Pusher, tent card, TruGel How-To DVD, and appointment cards (20 pack). The brush-on gel-polish goes on easily, cures quickly, and soaks off fast to keep clients in ever-changing nail colors.


SuperNail’s ProGel Starter Kit comes complete with six ProGel Polish Colors, ProGel Base Coat, ProGel Top Coat, 20 appointment cards, tent card, and instructional DVD. This kit has everything you need to start offering gel-polish services in your salon right away.


This stylish Beautiful Nails Starter Kit comes with everything you need to apply acrylic nails including a how-to DVD, Liquid Mojo EMA and Odorless liquids, Peace Prep, Love Primer, and Harmony Cuticle Oil. The easy-to-apply, fine-grade Poly Mojo Natural, Pink, and White powders work great with the included, tips, forms, and sculpting brushes. This starter kit has enough product to apply over 25 sets of acrylic nails.

LeChat’s Perfect Match Personal Kit features everything you need to start offering Perfect Match Soak-Off Gel-Polish services. The Kit includes three Perfect Match LED and UV Soak Off Gel-Polish colors, a High-Gloss Top Gel Sealer, Ultra-Thin Varnish Base Gel, tutorial DVD, a Gel Curing Light, six pre-soaked remover pads, and aluminum foil.

Backscratchers’ Glass Glaze Fiberglass & Silk Try Me Sample Kit will show you the strength and beauty of fiberglass and silk wrap nails. The kit includes Kikr Spray,  Stikr Brush-On, Fiberglass Strip, Silk Strip, Hygienic Elegance Antibacterial Cleanser Wash, Neat & Tidy Sample, Nail Tip Sample (20 count), a 3-Way Mini File & Buffer, Orange Wood Stick Cuticle Pusher, and instructions.

The NSI Balance UV Gel Professional Kit features every tool a student needs to grow into the professional level. The kit includes many different gel options such as sculpting, body builder, builder, and color gels. These options allow students to become familiar with all of NSI’s gel products and decide which gels best fit their needs.  An instructional “Beyond the Basics” DVD is also included. The Kit has everything you need to perform the perfect gel service from start to finish.

OPI’s GelColor Intro Kit gives clients weeks of glossy OPI color in a service only your salon can deliver. GelColor is fully cured from foundation to finish in four minutes per set. The Intro Kit includes six bestselling GelColor shades, as well as everything needed to start services. (LED light available separately or with Intro Kit in the Must-Have Starter Deal.)

Young Nails’ CORE Professional Acrylic Kit is equipped with enough Young Nails products to create 50 sets of acrylic nails. The Kit includes two Protein Bonds, Pink, Clear, White, Natural, and XXX White powders, Rose Oil, Y-UV, 100/100 File, 180/180 File, 240/240 Combo, 180/180 Combo, 180/180 Gray Sponge, Glass Dappen Dish, Manicure Brush, Eyedropper, Swipe, Brush on Glue, 100 Artistic Forms, 50 pack of Natural, Clear and White Tips in assorted sizes, and an Artistic Sculptor Brush.

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Nadene Bruders has helped hundreds of men and women pass the California Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Manicurist State Board Exams with her three comprehensive Guide Books for the practical part of the exam as well as the written. “Score” is packed with illustrations to help students visually see the techniques required to pass the California State Board Exams. Also included with the guide book is a CD to prepare students for the written portion of the exam.

Naturally Clean by Essie is a complete nail care system that safely cleanses hands and nails while restoring hydration with essential oils and natural botanical ingredients. The system includes Purifying Hand Wash, Nail Cleanser, Manicure Revitalizer, and Purifying Polish Remover.

Entity’s Rainforest Pedicure Kit
uses rich nutrients, exotic ingredients, and curative energies to revitalize skin as well as the soul. The soak, scrub, mask, and nanotechnology-based lotion work in harmony for an experience that is sumptuous and relaxing to all senses. The products are inside recyclable packaging and each purchase supports the use of renewable rainforest crops.

Dashing Diva’s French Tipped tips
provide textbook-French looks quickly and easily. The tips are available in multiple colors that will not chip, and the ultra-thin clear wells require little to no blending. The transparent adhesion area allows for adjustable smile line placement, and the tips work on any nail bed length.

Light Elegance’s Pedi-Cure Kit is a great kit for techs who want to get into gel pedicures. It comes with everything needed to get started including a Pedi-Cure Lamp, Bonder, Super-Shiny, Cleanser, Gel Polishes, Dry Glitters, Perfect Files, an Oval Application Brush, and an application guide.

Orly’s Instant Artist Starter Kit makes intricate nail designs easy for nail techs. The kit includes five polish colors with striper brushes for precise artistic applications, as well as a Dotter Duo Tool to take your designs to the next level. The colors are Jet Black, Fiery Red, Sunshine, True Blue, and Crisp White. 

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