1. Create a Nail Identity. Your ID card is your business card. Your fliers, brochures, and other marketing materials are all ways that clients will identify you as a nail tech. Stay consistent with a theme and design when creating a brand.
2. Build Relationships. Don’t just hand out a card and walk off. Talk to potential clients, and interact with them. You need to leave a memory, not just a business card.  
3. Let Others Help You. People will say they don’t need nail services. Instead of taking the card back, ask them to pass the card on to someone else. Family and friends are your first clients. Give them cards, and ask them to help hand them out.
4. Don’t Pre-Judge, But Be Selective. Starting out marketing materials can be costly, so market where you will get the most visual exposure. How many people could possibly see your work?

Alica Best is a salon owner based in Griffin, Ga., and a business coach who teaches classes including "Graduation, Now What?" Find out more about her nail coaching at www.alicabest.com.