The Jewel of India
3 hours, $100 U.S. equivalent
Clients get to choose from seven expensive luxury brands of perfumes, which are then blended (a quarter of a bottle) into the pedicure products. The specialty service, a favorite of celebrities, takes two hours and incorporates an extensive blood circulating/relaxing massage. When the toenails are expertly polished and dry, the remaining custom-blended lotion is packed in a tidy little box for the client to take home with her. It’s fabulously indulgent to use as cuticle cream over the next week.
Scherezaad Y. Panthaki, Paaws ‘N’ Claaws, The Nail Spa, Mumbai, India

Heaven on Earth Pedicure
1 hour, $70
The Zoë Spa Heaven on Earth Pedicure includes a deeply exfoliating and moisturizing treatment involving a citrus glow exfoliation with a crystal activator, hot towels, and a paraffin treatment. This pedicure energizes and brings balance to the body with holistic salts, herbal exfoliation, mud mask, and paraffin. Guests relax in an effervescent mineral soak followed by a warming A.H.A earth scrub to smooth and refine. A volcanic clay mask is applied to replenish hydrating vitamins and minerals back into the skin. A delightful massage is performed with a soothing moisturizer, leaving a protective satin finish. Lastly, a peach-scented vitamin E paraffin treatment relaxes and helps the skin absorb all products used. This service is great for arthritic and diabetic clients.
Lorena Sandoval, Zoë Salon & Spa, McLean, Va.

The “Painted Bare” Couture Pedicure
90 minutes, $95
This indulgent pedicure starts with a warm soak in goat’s milk and is followed up with honeysuckle mud mask to the knees painted with the finest haired brush and attention to the toenails before being plunged back into the goat’s milk. Next comes a luxurious exfoliation with Carambola (starfruit) scrub, a goat’s milk rinse, and a treat of paraffin. Massage and flawless polish finish out this service.
KeyAnn Gladden, Painted Bare Spa Lounge, Hampton, Va.

Red Carpet Manicure
1 hour, $40
This is an upgraded manicure combining a traditional manicure and adding Nanovive skin repair system by Entity Beauty to the service. The hands and forearms are exfoliated with the glycolic serum and wrapped in hot red fluffy towels. It adds an extra 15 minutes to the service and the skin looks visibly younger. Massage is done with penetrating lotion. The client then chooses her favorite shade of Chanel polish to wear.
Heather Hall-Williams,, Scottsdale, Ariz.


Sherif Zaki Signature Spa Pedicure
1 hour, $51
This exotic escape with Egyptian decor is designed to lift your spirits and reveal your inner and outer beauty. Journey past the ordinary pedicure with the therapeutic addition of skin-smoothing moisturizers and advanced exfoliants. Relish, as they bring the soothing rejuvenating touch of the sea to your feet with natural products rich in marine alpha-hydroxy-acid complex. The feet are treated to intensive callus treatment, natural mineral clay mask, and a heavenly massage.
Melissa Costantino, Sherif Zaki Salon & Oasis Day Spa, Greenville, Del.


Figgy Pudding Pedicure
90 minutes, $70
Warm up those tootsies with a hydrating milk pudding foot wrap, then exfoliate with a fig seed organic brown sugar scrub to remove rough skin from the feet. A freshly made, botanical, moisturizing blackberry/blueberry mask follows along with a custom hydrating honey and shea butter mask. A fig leaf and almond oil leg and foot rub with hot stones completes the feeling of euphoria to release stress and tension.
KaSundra Anderson, Sol Oasis Nail & Spa Haven, Atlanta

Champagne & Chocolate Pedicure
1 hour, $65
This is a glamorous pedicure beginning with a champagne foot soak to soften the skin. A brown sugar foot scrub exfoliates rough skin and is followed up with hot towels and a decadent chocolate foot mask. Massage with a luxurious foot butter melts stress away.
La’Brina White, Luxure Nail Spa, Chicago

Rosemary-Citrus Pedicure
3 hours, $65
This pedicure service begins with slipping into a warm pampering bath filled with sliced lemons, oranges, limes, rosemary sprigs, and essential oils that match. The warm vapors also therapeutically relax and detox your body. The nail care comes next, followed by two types of exfoliation. The skin of the foot is smoothed and polished with things from the sea, and a mask that hydrates and cools is applied to the feet. A salt scrub is applied to smooth the legs. A warm lavender lotion with essential oils is massaged into legs and feet for 15 minutes, followed by warm lavender paraffin, which is allowed to cool for deep hydration. Finally, the nails are dressed with the client’s choice of polish.    
Karen Lewis New, Spa Touch LLC, Orlando

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