Sometimes a new service or a new tech just isn’t ready for primetime. That’s why Audra Senkus and Gabrielle Ophals developed the concept of “The Beauty Collective” at their New York City-based salon Eve. By joining the volunteer Collective, salon clients gain the opportunity to receive free services from trusted technicians — or new faces — while the techs themselves benefit from a low-stress environment to perfect a new skill.

“Each of Eve’s nail and waxing techs, new and current, go through a vigorous training course for whatever new treatment the salon plans to offer,” says Senkus. “Once they’ve completed the training courses, the natural next step is to practice, practice, practice. And what’s a better way for the techs to practice than on their very own clients? As a result, we get feedback from the clients and based on that, we can shape and fix the kinks of the treatment to make sure it is perfect before officially offering it to the public. It’s a win-win incentive for both Eve’s techs and the clients.” 

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