“As a podiatrist who has treated thousands of cases of unsightly nail fungus (onychomycosis), I know firsthand how common the problem is and how difficult it is to cure,” says Dr. Bill Danzeisen, president of Barefoot Botánica. “The best cure is not to catch it in the first place — prevention.” To that end Dr. Danzeisen and his partners developed Nourish, a line of enriched, anti-fungal nail lacquers and a nail treatment.

Infused with nail healthy ingredients like soy protein and vitamins C and E, Nourish Lacquers are “three-free.” “They contain a blend of three essential oils known to kill the types of fungus that cause onychomycosis. Nourish Solution contains a higher concentration of the anti-fungal oils and includes a fourth, peppermint oil,” he says.

Nourish base, color, and top coats are all infused with same ingredients. “However, if you prefer to apply Nourish base coat and a different brand color coat, you will still get the Nourish benefits and protection,” he adds.

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