The Salon Inspector Says …

This is the third in a series of tips from Monika Herzog Butler, the founder of Salon Inspector .

How does your workstation look when you are having a busy day? We have reached month three in our quest to get rid of bad habits and give your workspace a new look. By now, you have labeled everything at your station and removed all unnecessary items. This month we will address nail clippings — and oh they can fly so far! — as well as other debris that stays on some stations for a very long time.

Tip #3: Operation Clean Sweep

Clean your station after each customer. No exceptions. It really takes only one minute, maybe less. To make this task easier and more practical, store all items on a tray that can be easily removed from the table. Never just clean up around items on your station. Clear the table of all products and equipment and wipe it down with disinfection wipes. Clean the surface right after the service, before you seat your new client.

Even if your schedule has you booked back to back, investing one additional minute per client will pay off. Your clients will be thrilled to see your extra efforts and appreciate being seated at a truly clean station. Always keep in mind: You want to set yourself apart from your competition. Go the extra mile where it counts and make your clients feel cared for.

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