Put your solid-colored nail file down for a few minutes to peruse these adorable decorated options. Whether you want something to match your salon’s decor or to declare your love for a particular brand, there is likely a pretty nail file out there for you. (These make cute retail items too!)

From top to bottom:

Tropical Shine’s Trendy Files are available in all sorts of fun patterns, including the plaid design shown here and a peacock feather pattern file that would be perfect in an Asian-themed salon.

If you <3 LCN, then this denim-style file has your name (well, your favorite brand’s name, anyway) written all over it.

This cute animal file is from ASP Aspire, and there are more animal-loving options available where this one came from. Other designs include monkeys, kittens, and bears.

Wooster & Prince’s new personal accessories line pairs beautiful artwork with irresistible beauty tools. With its lovely artwork, this emery board would be trés magnifique in a French-themed salon.

The Zip File by Tweezerman is a retractable and portable (yet stylish and playful) nail file that’s focused on hassle-free usability. The file and case combo has a zippy side-click mechanism that, with just a push of the thumb, extends and locks the file into place at the exact length the user wants.

Attach the Bio Sculpture Key Ring Rainbow File next to your car keys for easy access any time. (Just don’t file and drive.)

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